Charter Filghts
Are you planning a business or leisure trip for your staff or business partners?
Do you need to transport a group of people or require a speedy delivery of a cargo?
Do you want to guarantee the privacy of your trip?
Is speed and comfort important to you?

Then a charter flight is the best solution for you.

The advantages of a charter flights- speed, accessibility, flexibility and comfort, become increasingly valuable and often are the key criterion in selecting the mode of travelling.
Private aircraft are often chartered for international trips to attend business meetings, exhibitions, matches, concerts, etc. A chartered plane can carry one or more persons as well as groups of people.

The staff of AEROSERVISAS will be happy to advise you, to select the best aircraft for the planned trip and to organize the flight for you. An executive of AEROSERVISAS shall take care of all issues related with performance of chartered flight.


AEROSERVISAS was established in 2005 to meet the growing demand for aviation services and to integrate opportunities offered by air transportation into any business process. The key activity of the Company is the operation of charter flights by private aircraft. We offer the widest selection of aircraft in the Baltic States. The knowledge of the air transport market since 2001 allows us to suggest many alternative solutions and to operate flights under the most favorable conditions.

Rodunios kelias 34, Vilnius
Phone +370 699 44443

Company code: 300085740
VAT code: LT 1000 0154 7612
Account no. IBAN: LT63 7044 0600 0470 0554
SWIFT: CBVI LT 2X SEB Bankas AB, Vilnius

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