Aircraft for Sale

AEROSERVISAS is an independent aircraft broker. We offer co-operation and additional value in aircraft acquisition and sale process. Our goal is the Client satisfaction and long-term relation. We provide high quality services to the companies and persons intending to acquire or otherwise operate private aircraft.

Development of aircraft operation strategy
Representation of investors interests, establishment/acquisition of an air operator, operation of an aircraft under AOC of another carrier, corporate aviation.

Selection of the type of an aircraft
Comparison of light, medium and heavy business aircraft in the market, flight characteristics and operating cost. Assessment of the operation feasibility of the selected aircraft as well as its suitability for the market to be entered (statistical data, forecasting).

Market identification
Specific character of the European and the Russian business aviation market, development trends, competitive environment.

Organisation of sales
Projected revenues, sales, agent network, reservation systems, letters of intent, contracts.

Aircraft acquisition
Search for an aircraft the acquisition, assessment of the condition and resources of the aircraft, purchasing, bringing and registration.

Project cost assessment
Projected annual flying, annual budget, cost of flight hour, cost efficiency, return on investment.

AEROSERVISAS sold aircraft listed below: